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You are Beautiful 

AS WOMEN WE FACE AN AMAZING CHALLENGE and opportunity, in our lives. Yogi Bhajan said that our biological, physiological, sociological and mental capacity is 16 times greater than a man’s, provided we explore it. This is truly an incredible gift and yet with this gift comes an incredible responsibility because every woman has ” 16 times the power to destroy herself or build herself”. So often we face our challenges beautifully. We meditate, we pray, we align ourselves with the divine and we excel. Then there are those times when we are not tuning in to our Higher Self and someone or something else seems to be in control. Our language feels different, our behavior is off, we feel destructive to ourselves and to others.
How do we clear these destructive patterns and behaviors and cultivate a consciousness that is strong and steady?
Clearing these patterns and cultivating new ones are benefits of a regular practice of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. We awaken our intuitive mind and draw upon our deep intelligence and rewrite our destiny on a cellular level. Through our practice we develop the patience to recognize our past, appreciate it for the gifts it delivered, bless it – and then drop it! What a liberating moment in our lives!
Looking outside of ourselves for the answers will never solve the problem. We have such an incredible gift as women to know the Unknown and see the Unseen. Trust your gift and let go of your insecurity. The greatest downfall of woman is to say: ” I don’t know.” We do know. We were created in the image of the Infinite, and we are the center or nucleus of all creativity. There is nothing lacking in our being.


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